But why?

Simple really. People increasingly want experiences that are different on their travels, they want to see and feel one-of-a-kind stuff, and, here’s the really important thing, they want to celebrate the uniqueness, and avoid the increasingly ‘identi-kit’ look and feel of many of our cities.

And this is where it really gets interesting...

We’ve spent several years researching and visiting all these cities, have met the Tourism Chief Exec’s in most of them, and worked closely with all the national and local tourism groups to deliver the definitive guide to England. But nobody knows a city like the locals; this is where the real interesting stories lie. And so we’re asking for your suggestions as to what should go in the next edition of City Essence; we’ll do the comparing with other cities, and, between us, we’ll tell the unique story of the country You see, we’re aiming for this to be the start of a much bigger story; one that brings to life these amazing cities, so people appreciate them more, and ensures their development is based on what’s truly distinctive about them; their real essence.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy today.

City Essence - The Book. £15.00 +P&Pm

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