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Which English cities will you visit this year?

The beginning of a new year is usually the time when most people make plans for their holidays for the coming 12 months. Although we're now way deep into January, perhaps it's not too late to consider our resolutions for 2013 at least in terms of holidays and visiting English cities. Whether you are based in the UK or visiting the UK from abroad, there are numerous opportunities for cultural enrichment and to have a great time through visits to our cities.

Maybe you already have a short or long list of cities and places that you've been wanting to see for quite a while but haven't yet got around to making the visit. This year could be a good time to breathe new life into your plans and start putting them into action.

All the cities featured in City Essence are welcoming to visitors, for whatever reason they wish to visit. Whether for historical or cultural interest, whether to partake in festivals or just have have time off to relax and refresh, there are many options to choose from. You may want to check out the Roman baths in Bath, or see the Angel of the North near Gateshead, or if you're a Charles Dickens fan you may want to make a pilgrimage to Portsmouth to see his birthplace.
Historic sites: given the rich historical heritage of England from antiquity to contemporary times, there's no shortage of centres and sites with historical associations to visit. If you've been curious about the route said to have been taken by Lady Godiva through Coventry to help the people of that town or walk through sites associated with the Beatles in Liverpool, you know exactly where to go. But there is no end of places of historical interest to see all over England.  

Inspiring landmarks and cultural centres: the 2012 London Olympics provided the opportunity to highlight many inspiring landmarks and places of cultural interest all over the UK. We featured some of them in blog posts on this site. This year may be an opportune time to visit some of these places.

City and cultural festivals: a great time and opportunity to visit cities are festival times. We will be featuring some of these festivals in the weeks and months ahead. For starters, you can mark up Fashion Week in Bath into your calendar. See also the what's on list of coming festivals on our home page.  

Old favourites again: may be there are places you visited as a child or as a student that you may want to see again. Remember that school trip ages ago, when you had no choice of where to go or what to see? Or that visit with mates or work colleagues, when you just had to go with what the group wanted rather than your individual choices? Well, now is a good time to see old favourite places again – at your own pace and where you choose to go.

Sheer adventure: For the truly adventurous with the get up and go spirit, English cities have the perfect welcome in terms of places to stay at short notice, with an abundance of hotels, bed and breadfast establishments and hostels.

So brush up your list of English cities to see this year and enjoy ticking them off as you accomplish the visits.

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