March 22th, 2013 | Tags: Brighton,

Bohemia in Brighton: explore the home of the free spirited

Brighton is the perfect city in which to let your hair down and have a really good time. It offers a delightful balance between seaside chic and city life and everywhere you look there is vibrancy, colour and plenty of personality. Brighton is a truly unique city that allows you to be yourself.

Being a seaside city, the first place people tend to go towards is the pier – and why not? It has loads of fun, from gift kiosks to amusements and rides. It is the perfect spot for families and younger groups in the daytime and for teenagers and twenty-somethings in the evening. You can combine fun and relaxation on the pier, with benches and deck chairs readily available, or you can simply walk down a few steps and end up on the pebbled beach front.

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