November 21th, 2012 | Tags: Norwich, Norwich paranormal history,

Norwich: East City residuals

Compared to the rest of the phenomena, the unidentified smell of “aftershave or perfume” was a curiously understated final-straw that resulted in Tracey Monger receiving a phone call. Cue the start of another paranormal investigation for her and her colleagues, this time in a building in East Norwich first mentioned in historical records dating from 1865.

The premises were used as a military hospital, no surprises there. Paranormal phenomena are traditionally associated with locations heavy with the weight of emotion, piled up over years, decades, centuries. What better place?
November 15th, 2012 | Tags: Norwich, Norwich paranormal history,

Norwich: Elm Hill strangers

We delve some more into the paranormal side of things in Norwich.

Tracy Monger is telling me about The Strangers Club in Elm Hill, Norwich. She's a sensitive and a paranormal investigator, mapping the residual stains of history that still linger in older, time-worn regions of the city. Elm Hill is draped in its past, wearing the shroud of its ages for all to see. It's an amalgam and document of architecture built since the 16th century, with fragments of earlier times, all laced along a web of winding cobbles.

Projections cast through time's lens are a shadow-play still, here, upon the screen of our modern environment – and in sunken corners, down huddled streets, up in back rooms and across re-shaped contemporary topographies. Sound and vision loop in scripted paths over and over, etched into the stone and the spaces we traverse, ready to perform for those who are unknowingly tuned-in to their channel.

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