October 04th, 2012 | Tags: Leicester, Leicester historical hotspots,

Delve into Leicester’s historical hotspots

Although a small city, Leicester has a fascinating history and one that is well worth exploring for both families and keen individuals looking to discover something about the past. We present a selection of historical hotspots you might want to explore when visiting this Midlands town.

When taking your historical journey through the city that is Leicester, the first stop should definitely be the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. As suggested in the name, the museum located on New Walk has a variety of exhibitions on offer to history lovers as well as art fiends. The Museum is known for its Ancient Egypt exhibition, perfect for taking young children over to explore. The gallery includes a reconstruction of a typical ancient Egyptian cooking area and model mummies for the kids to interact with. The collection of genuine mummified bodies and ancient Egyptian artefacts keep the adults well occupied too. Another exhibit on at New Walk is the Dinosaur Gallery, including some very impressive Jurassic displays to awe both children and adults alike.

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