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Coventry – the motor city

Britain’s first car was produced in Coventry in 1896, which often leads to the city being considered as the home of the car. Coventry has no fewer than five museums dedicated to the motor. The famous London black cabs were first built here. Also, the infamous scenes of Minis driving around Italian sewers in The Italian Job were filmed here!

The Coventry Transport Museum is home to one of the largest collections of British road transport, with 250 cars, 120 motorcycles and 300 cycles on display, plus over a million archive and ephemera items. The museum is one of the most intriguing spots for any automobile enthusiast to visit on a trip to Coventry. It encompasses much of the historical developments of road travel and celebrates the work of some of the innovators who we must thank for today’s thriving transport technologies. The museum is not just about the past and present of motoring; it also opens the mind to what the future may hold.
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The historical side to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Newcastle is notoriously associated with football and brown ale. But there is so much more to the city, with its great history and famous landmarks. Visitors to the city can explore both the ancient and modern aspects of life here.

Perhaps we should start with Castle Keep, which gave the city its name: ‘new castle’. Established by the eldest son of William the Conqueror, it is one of the finest examples of a Norman keep in the UK. It consists of three floors, linked by staircases, which house the Gallery, King’s Chambers, Queen’s Chambers, Great Hall and dungeon. It is also a strategic place to enjoy wonderful views of the city and the River Tyne.
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Panoramic views of Lancaster

Lancaster lies on the verge of Morecombe Bay, one of Britain’s most beautiful stretches of coastline. The city is surrounded by much natural beauty including the Lune Valley in the north east and the Forest of Bowland to the south. The combination of natural beauty and architectural gems make Lancaster popular tourist destination and a great base for photographers.

The Castle, which has been a fortress since the first century AD, is one of the most popular places for people visiting Lancaster. It consists of an impressive number of historical structures from various centuries, with a hillside placement that offers breath-taking views across the town, bridge, sea, the Lune Valley and mountains.
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Discover Bailgate, the historical heart of Lincoln

With its rich past and spectacular setting, Bailgate is a great place to start exploring the city of Lincoln. Whether you're on a guided tour or just casually wandering in the area, you’re sure to be fascinated Bailgate's quirky shops and restaurants, quaint cobbled streets and York stone pathways.

Lincoln Cathedral, constructed from 1088 onwards and is often heralded as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Britain, and is one of the must-see places when visiting this richly historic city. Inside the cathedral, be sure to visit the Medieval and Wren libraries, and keep a keen eye out for the Lincoln Imp, the city’s symbol, hiding high amongst the fine masonry. The guided tours included in the entry fee offer insights into the history of the building. During the summer months, you are able to view the city from the tower.
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Relax and unwind in Durham

The city of Durham sits in the heart of a county which offers breathtaking countryside views and an impressive coastline. Known for being one of the most relaxing locations in the UK, Durham offers solace for its residents as well as visitors. It's a great place to unwind in one of the local spas and take walks, in the city itself and in surrounding areas.

The iconic Durham Cathedral and Castle World Heritage Site offers a glimpse into the fascinating history of  this metropolis, which was little but a hill surrounded by trees way back in AD 995. Visitors can explore the Beamish Museum, known as the living museum of the North, or the Locomotion – The National Railway Museum at Shildon, to get a bigger picture of the heritage of Durham in a leisurely and enjoyable way. 
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Uncover Ely, the hidden retreat of East Anglia

Ely is a quaint city just 17 miles away from Cambridge, and is the second smallest city in England. Although modest, Ely really proves that size doesn’t matter as it boasts a fascinating history, beautiful scenery and a real sense of community.

Ely is located in the Fens, known for its watery environment. The city’s name meant ‘isle of eels’, and during May a celebration of all things eel can be enjoyed, with tastings, displays and of course entertainment. The Boathouse restaurant, down by the riverside, offers up some tasty fish dishes all year round so don’t panic if you can’t get to Ely in May as eel is often on the menu.
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Bohemia in Brighton: explore the home of the free spirited

Brighton is the perfect city in which to let your hair down and have a really good time. It offers a delightful balance between seaside chic and city life and everywhere you look there is vibrancy, colour and plenty of personality. Brighton is a truly unique city that allows you to be yourself.

Being a seaside city, the first place people tend to go towards is the pier – and why not? It has loads of fun, from gift kiosks to amusements and rides. It is the perfect spot for families and younger groups in the daytime and for teenagers and twenty-somethings in the evening. You can combine fun and relaxation on the pier, with benches and deck chairs readily available, or you can simply walk down a few steps and end up on the pebbled beach front.
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The banging Bristol music scene

The Bristol music scene came into national prominence in the late 1990s with the Bristol's trip-hop scene  when Portishead, Massive Attack, Roni Size and Tricky broke through into the mainstream. The so-called “Bristol Sound” may not be quite as infamous as the ‘Madchester sound” of the same era, but it spawned an eclectic group of musicians and artists that came to represent urban culture in the UK and put Bristol firmly on the music map. The “Bristol Sound” is also renowned for spawning the internationally famous (and for some infamous) graffitti artist, Banksy. There has always been a strong link between music and art in Bristol. Trip-hop, drum & bass and graffiti art have been around since the 1990s.
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Liverpool – home to top sporting action all year round

The city of Liverpool is the home to Liverpool Football Club, historically the most successful football club in the history of English football and one of the most famous football clubs in the world. Their fans are known for the electric atmosphere they create at Anfield stadium on matchdays with their soaring renditions of the popular song 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.

There is also another great club in Liverpool, Everton FC, which is one of the oldest football clubs in the UK and one of the five most successful clubs in England. Everton play at Goodison Park, which is one of the oldest football grounds in the country. The two leading football grounds hold roughly 40,000 spectators and match tickets are available to the public as well as club supporters.
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Which English cities will you visit this year?

The beginning of a new year is usually the time when most people make plans for their holidays for the coming 12 months. Although we're now way deep into January, perhaps it's not too late to consider our resolutions for 2013 at least in terms of holidays and visiting English cities. Whether you are based in the UK or visiting the UK from abroad, there are numerous opportunities for cultural enrichment and to have a great time through visits to our cities.

Maybe you already have a short or long list of cities and places that you've been wanting to see for quite a while but haven't yet got around to making the visit. This year could be a good time to breathe new life into your plans and start putting them into action.

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